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QUICK REACT: Super Bowl 57 is SET!

Wow. One more NFL game left of the 2022-23 season.. THE Super Bowl!

The NFC will be represented by the #1 seeded Philadelphia Eagles after defeating the San Francisco 49ers, 31-7.

An unfortunate game for San Francisco as their starting quarterback, Brock Purdy injured his elbow (UCL) in early 1st quarter. He was forced to go back into game after 4th string quarterback Josh Johnson was injured a couple drives after. Purdy couldn't grip onto football to throw & lost feeling from his elbow down to his fingers on his throwing arm.

All in all, the 49ers had a tremendous year with the adversity they faced. But the 49ers have a lot of question marks heading into next season.

The Philadelphia Eagles continue to rely on their running game & tough defense to wear out their opponents. In their first two playoff games, they have outscored their opponents, 69-14. They averaged 208 rushing yards per game as an offense and collected 8 sacks as a defense in their two games. Eagles are back to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2018 win over New England Patriots.


The Kansas City Chiefs are going back to their second Super Bowl since 2020 with a 23-20 victory over Cincinnati Bengals. Patrick Mahomes and MVS connected for 6 catches, 116 yards, and 1 touchdown. A late push by Bengals linebacker Ossai costed them to give the Chiefs 15 more yards after a Mahomes third-down run. Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker nailed a 45 yard field goal to put them on top with 3 seconds left.


1. BIGGEST COACHING ADJUSTMENT: Eagles offensive staff made the adjustment to change formation by running weak side away from strong of formation. For example, trips right.. weak dive. This would hold linebackers with play fakes. They were out of position all day.

2. NO TIMEOUT TO REVIEW?! I don't get why coaches value timeouts in the first half so much! Eagles wide receiver Devonta Smith makes a terrific effort for a one-handed catch for 29 yards that was a huge momentum play. Smith clearly lost control of the football upon his efforts. Smith rushed to get up and get ready for the next play because he knew he dropped it. The Eagles lined up so quickly that refs couldn't review and the 49ers could've called a timeout to stall or even challenge?!

3.WORST DECISION EVER: Being a die-hard Arizona Cardinals fan myself, I think getting rid of Hasson Reddick who was excelling tremendously in his last season with the team after playing the position he played in college. Keeping Chandler Jones instead who had worse stats than Reddick was terrible. That may have been to worst decision in Cardinals history. They can rebound and make up for it if they manage to draft Alabama edge rusher Will Anderson at the 3rd overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. He is a mixture of Reddick & Joey Bosa (who you missed out on for Kyler Murray).

4.TOO MUCH LAUNDRY: The referees in this game as well as the AFC Championship were too involved in a crucial playoff game. Besides the Mahomes push penalty, there were some questionable calls in both games. A whole Eagles drive was led by 49ers defensive penalties. The extra play rewarded to the Chiefs was such a bad call. IT CHANGED THE GAME. It would've been 4th & 9 instead of 3rd & 7. A holding call on Bengals extended the drive.

5. ENERGY LEADS TEAM: When Brock Purdy went down, you could tell in internally defeated the energy of the niners. You could tell that the offense knew they had to do so much more. Every yard counts.

6. QUESTIONS FOR LOSERS: Who will be the 49ers QB for week 1? What will they do at right tackle? What is the status of Jimmy G? They gotta pay Nick Bosa. For the Bengals, how will they treat WR Tee Higgins? Is Joe Burrow's Contact going to be big? Will they re-sign 3 of 4 starting dbs?

Super Bowl 57 is going to be a special week in my hometown city, Phoenix, AZ! Blessed to be able to work at radio row & media day! Phoenix Open is here too. GOD IS GOOD! LET"S GET IT. Lots of content coming soon on instagram (@jacksongroff8, @jaxsports__) and tik tok (@JackoSports)! Stay Happy Always :) GOD BLESS!

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